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Sorry it's been a couple weeks-- school is keeping me very busy and… - Meditation Club

Lindsay posting in Share Your Meditation Experiences Once a Week
User: meditation_club (posted by dragonzuela)
Date: 2006-10-31 08:17
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Sorry it's been a couple weeks-- school is keeping me very busy and I've had some issues in my personal life as well.

I did have one particularly good experience the Thursday before last. Walking home put me into a very meditative state of mind, so as soon as I got home I laid down in the grass in the backyard. Despite knowing that I had a limited amount of time before the landlord was planning to mow, things worked really well for me and I sent some positive vibes to someone who needs them. Prayer has never been something I've been into-- simply asking for something and assuming that an omnipotent power can hear you and will take it from there. I'm more of the inclination to believe that we are all equally part of the divine, rather than its underlings, and I prefer to take more of an active role. So this for me involved powerful visualization and belief. Even this is something I do very rarely-- wouldn't do it in an attempt to get my favorite team to win or something like that, but this was an example of a person who needed help so that they could help others.

I've meditated a couple other times since then to manage headaches and de-stress, but nothing too notable.
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