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Happy New Year! - Meditation Club

Lindsay posting in Share Your Meditation Experiences Once a Week
User: meditation_club (posted by dragonzuela)
Date: 2007-01-04 20:56
Subject: Happy New Year!
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Music:R. Carlos Nakai - Dawn's Mirage: Echoes Of Time
Despite having lots of time to chill out at home over the past couple weeks, I didn't do a lot of meditation. When I'm around my parents it's hard to get twenty minutes that are peaceful and uninterrupted. I suppose I could ask. But anyway, I did get outside and had a wonderful time communing with some rocks.

This morning I actually went through my meditation routine before even getting out of bed, because I was having sinus problems that I didn't want to get out of control. They were bothering me a bit into the early afternoon, but cleared up without any meds and without turning into a bad headache. I should learn to extrapolate this into other methods of body control.

I was feeling relaxed and spiritually attuned again tonight, so I meditated again. In my astral area I merged with a tree, which ended up being such an intense experience that my physical body was uncomfortable... I could feel sap flowing, and the overall sensations were very different from being animal (incl. human) and yet not so alien.

Otherwise I took the shape of this little fairy thing... seemed kind of silly, but it felt right so I went with it.

My aunt gave me a Native American flute CD for Christmas -- Canyon Trilogy by R. Carlos Nakai. It really helped me to chill out tonight.

New Year's Resolution, anyone? Heh, I at least hope I can be doing this more often. I still feel like it's important to my development.
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