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Meditation and lessions - Meditation Club

User: meditation_club (posted by kazikie)
Date: 2007-03-07 20:29
Subject: Meditation and lessions
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I know it's been forever since I posted something here. I have been lurking and honestly, I am still getting use to everything here.

In my last meditation I have started learning from a Astural Spirit Names Kahn. As some may notest in some of the other parts of LJ, Helaris is also learning from this same spirit. We are both blessed to have such a great mentor. I am copying and pasting it from my own collection of Journal entries. So without further adu.

Meditation 2-25-07

I started out meeting Jorith and Kahn at the sun Pool. When I first got there I discovered that I was wearing a crystal on a chain around my neck. It was a crystal given to me by a close friend. Jorith lent me some energy to help my defense. The Kahn spoke to me. His voice was deep but wise and inviting as well as strong. He told me that he was glad I was learning through Helaris. And that he intended it to be that way. And now he wanted to test my defense against energy leeches. I took a moment to focus my energies, and used the stone around my neck to form a sword. It was made of pure Amethyst Crystal. All of the sudden I felt my energy start to be sucked out of me. Kahn was advancing on me at that point.
I dodged his physical attack and used some energy to create a crystal quark in the energy vacuum. After the energy has cased to be sucked away. I swung the sword at Kahn, but with a speed never seen before He caught the sword in his hand. And with a solid clawed grip he ripped the sword out from my hands. He seemed a little surprised at the attack but quickly retaliated. He simply spun his tail around and knocked me on my feet.
He then said that it was enough. He told me I had a lot to learn, but had a lot of potential. He told me he was surprised I had used a crystal quark. And that that was a wise and good desion. He said that I have been paying attention to the things He had been teaching Helaris. He said that together sharing our experiences would greatly benefit each other.
He also said that the crystal I carried is very powerful and since it was a gift. It will never fail me. He said Helaris must indeed believe you to be a very good friend to give you a gift that follows you into this place. For a second I looked surprised that he knew it was from Helaris. Then I nodded. And said thank you for what you have taught me. And then I faded back to the physical plain, and went to sleep. For I was quite tired.
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User: sydikovxla
Date: 2013-02-16 20:14 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
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