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Meditation Club


Share Your Meditation Experiences Once a Week
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The first rule of Meditation Club is…

Well, we’re kind of like Weight Watchers, except that instead of trying to lose physical mass, we’re trying to gain spiritual enlightenment. This is a community for people who want to meditate more often, and need a way to stay honest about it.

Members are expected to post once a week. You can choose a particular day of the week if that helps you, or you can just post once a week on average. Of course, there’s no problem with posting more often than that.

Content of posts: Just write about your meditation experiences for the week. This can be two lines about how easy or difficult it was and how it made you feel, an essay about a huge breakthrough, or anything in between. Just post something. If you’re having trouble finding the time, energy, motivation, or concentration to meditate, you can write about that, and some of the other community members may be able to help you. Oh, and a little introduction in your first post wouldn’t be a bad idea.

By definition, this is not a community for lurkers, so if you go two months without posting anything at all, you will be removed.

Posting friends-only (so that only other members of the community may view your entry) is fine. To people checking out this community to see if they want to join, keep in mind that members might be posting more often than they publicly appear to be.

The second rule of Meditation Club is…

Please be tolerant of the beliefs of others.

This community was created as an offshoot of the draconic otherkin community (people who identify themselves as dragons in some spiritual sense. This encompasses a wide range of belief systems). However, people of all faiths and spiritualities are welcome here, and it would be nice to have a bit of a mix.

We don’t espouse any particular meditation technique, but if you don’t know where to start, here are some recommendations from our members:
[list forthcoming]